What would you do after 2x45 years of design experience?

We decided to found Hyvonen Design Oy, or hyde, as we call it.
hyde offers our experience globally, for the industry and the design universities.

Who we are

We met as both of us were studying design in Helsinki in Finland in the early 1970’s and have been together ever since. At that time Finnish design already had a strong international reputation, a legacy of 1950’s, and the industrial design had rapidly grown in importance since 1960’s.

Tapani Hyvönen studied industrial design, Helena Hyvönen textile design. On this website we are sharing the details of our previous work in design industry and design education and giving some examples of our current activities and future plans

who we are


Founding partner and CEO of hyde. I have an extensive four-decade experience of running an industrial design consultancy in Finland. Hyde is the 3rd agency I have founded, the first two being Destem Oy in 1973, and ED Design in 1990.

who we are


Founding partner of hyde. My background is in textile design with a long experience in industrial and unique textiles. My second focus and passion has been in developing Finnish design education and research as a professor and later as a rector of University of Art and Design, Helsinki, and in the last phase as a dean of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

What we do

We have a clear focus for hyde owing to our years of experience in design business. All companies need to understand what the role is that design plays in their business. In most cases design should go through all company’s activities. In addition, we offer traditional product design services.

what we did before hyde  1973 – 2017 

Did you become interested?

Test us.
Even though we have a long history and a lot of experience, we can bring new thinking to your business.
New ideas and strategies are not only knowledge and experience but also visions and intuitions.